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Escape The Mad Hatter

Escape the Mad Hatter

The Virtual TeamCyber detectives wanted!Your client is trapped in a room.Can you save them in 60 minutes?
Connect with your family, friends, or co-workers from anywhere to solve this unforgettable mystery together!
The MysteryYou and your team have fallen down the rabbit hole and found yourselves in the world of Wonderland.
You foolishly accepted the Mad Hatter's tea party invitation.
Little did you know that these parties never end and those that fail to escape this colorful nightmare end up as mad as the hatter himself. You and your team will have 60 minutes to Unlock clues from the 4 different realms of Wonderland. You must solve all 4 realms in order to escape!

  • Complexity - 7/10

    This game has a ~30% escape rate.

  • Age - 12+

    The room is suitable for children with parents

  • Quantity of players -4 to 12

    The mystery needs teamwork to be solved

  • Time - 60 minutes

    You'll have only one hour to escape

  • Located in Mountain View, CA

    Play on-site at 1931 Old Middlefield Way, Unit X Mountain, View CA or Online.