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Online Game Night

Online Game Night

Get ready to let off some excess energy!
Your group will compete head to head in a variety of challenges, ranging from Last Letter to Family Feud, with some wacky sudden-death challenges thrown in for good measure. Let loose your inner competitor to see if you and your team can achieve glory! But don’t let it go to your head, the points are arbitrary. You're all winners in our book!



Get acquainted with your team and the upcoming games.

Sudden Challanges

Warm up with sudden death challenges that test your teams ability to think on your feet!

Last Letter

A fun and chaotic version of I Spy. Use your skills of observation to win big for your team!

Family Feud

Join our award-winning virtual hosts for an online game show experience.

Awards Ceremony

Cap off your game night with a Virtual Red Carpet Award Show!

  • Complexity - 3/10

    You will play versions of popular mini games like "Family Feud" and "I Spy"

  • Age - 10+

    This event is suitable for all ages

  • Quantity of players - 4 to 25

    You will be split into two teams of 2 to 12 players to compete!

  • Time - 80 minutes

    Your event will take 80 minutes total

  • Private Online Event

    Online Game Night is played from the comfort of your home via HD video conference